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About Dylux

Dylux, a brand under RICH SOLAR which is the famous solar energy company, has over 15 years industry experience in exploring outdoor power solution.

Companionship on the Road

Every Destination's Beauty

Every destination holds its own unique beauty on your RV journey. Dylux's RV appliances are more than just devices; they are your companions at every stop. Amid lush mountain ranges, Dylux's RV air conditioning shields you from the scorching sun. Along sandy shores, our smart kitchen appliances serve up delightful dishes. We translate our care for your journey into every single detail.

Human-Centric Design

A Beautiful Mobile Haven

An RV is your mobile abode, and Dylux is the secret to infusing home-like comfort into it. Our design philosophy integrates humanity into every aspect of our products. From unique space layouts to intelligent controls, Dylux allows you to experience the comfort of home while on the move, making your RV life even more delightful.

Guided by Dylux

Whether you're a traveler on the road or in the tranquil night, Dylux is right there beside you. We firmly believe that RV living is a wonderful adventure, and Dylux is your steadfast companion. Let's journey into the unknown together, embrace freedom, and make your RV life more vibrant with Dylux!