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Mastering RV Water Heater Troubleshooting

Mastering RV Water Heater Troubleshooting

Mastering RV Water Heater Troubleshooting

When a hot water heater system fails, it can be incredibly frustrating. After all, nobody wants to stand under a stream of freezing-cold water when they could be enjoying the comfort of a hot, steamy shower.

Common RV Water Heater Issues and Solutions:

1. Hot Water Takes Longer to Reach Temperature

If you find the hot water in your RV is taking a long time to reach the appropriate temperature, there could be a few different issues at play.

 Cause 1: Cold water could be mixing into the hot water side of the water heater.
 Solution 1: Check all valves, inside and outside, to ensure they are closed. Also, check the shower head valve to make sure it’s not partially closed.

 Cause 2: You could be at a high elevation.
 Solution 2: It is normal for water temperature heat-up time to increase at higher elevations due to lower oxygen levels. 

 Cause 3: The incoming water temperature is abnormally low.
 Solution 3: The water heater is equipped with a water flow control valve, set from the factory at MAX flow. The valve can be adjusted for reduced water flow under extreme conditions (e.g., very low inlet temperature or high water pressure).

2. Low Hot Water Flow at the Faucet

Lime scale can occur due to precipitation of "hard" water. The solution here is to decalcify your water heater. For prolonged usage exposed to high water hardness concentrations, consider using a proper water treatment device for incoming water to prevent appliance performance reduction. Contact Dylux for decalcification instructions.

3. No hot water at the tap

Running out of hot water is never fun. Before you panic, consider the following causes and solutions:

 Cause 1: The gas supply is turned off or interrupted.
 Solution 1: Check the gas supply to ensure it is turned on and uninterrupted.

 Cause 2: The gas tank is empty.
 Solution 2: Refill or replace the gas tank.

 Cause 3: The appliance is switched off.
 Solution 3: Simply switch on the appliance.

 Cause 4: The fresh water supply is turned off.
 Solution 4: Open the fresh water supply.

 Cause 5: The power supply to the water heater is switched off.
 Solution 5: Turn on the power supply.

 Cause 6: There’s a defect in the appliance.
 Solution 6: Contact Dylux immediately.

4. Hot Water Temperature Is Too Low

  Cause 1: Gas flow to the appliance is too low.
  Solution 1: Consult vehicle documentation or a service technician to verify a suitable gas installation.

  Cause 2: Volume flow of hot water is too high, and/or cold water temperature reaching the appliance is too low.
  Solution 2: Adjust hot water flow at the tap, mix more cold water, or retrofit a volume flow throttle (by a certified technician).

  Cause 3: Too much lime scale in the appliance.
  Solution 3: Decalcify your water heater.

  Cause 4: Cold water is mixing into the hot water side.
  Solution 4: Ensure all valves are closed both inside and outside and check the shower head valve.

5. Water Is Escaping at the Pressure Relief Valve

  Cause 1: Water pressure in the system is too high
  Solution 1: Adjust the water pump pressure to a maximum of 65 psi or install a water pressure regulator if connected to a central supply with high pressure.

  Cause 2: Lime or dirt is present under the pressure relief valve seat.
  Solution 2: Operate the relief valve to flush the system and attempt to clear dirt or foreign matter.

6. Water Is Leaking at the Inlet Filter

Clean the O-rings and their corresponding sealing surfaces with clean water to resolve this issue.

7. The Power Status LED Is Off Although an Operating Mode Was Selected

  Cause 1: The power supply to the water heater is switched off.
  Solution 1: Switch on the power supply. 

  Cause 2: There’s a blown fuse.
  Solution 2: Replace the standard 125V/10A fuse and contact Dylux for service.

8. The water heater stops working often and water is found on the drainage tray

This problem may be due to overheating, causing the pressure relief valve to discharge periodically. Contact Dylux for a solution.

This troubleshooting guide should help you address common issues with your RV water heater, ensuring you enjoy hot water consistently during your travels.

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